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No Cost Consultations

Have you evaluated your office infrastructure lately? With local rebates, you can adopt an affordable green energy LED, Solar, or Procurement solution, with ROIs in under three years. 

Connect with a trusted agent today for a no-cost consultation on how we can help your business save money and build a better energy future. 


Why Choose Energyware

National Reach

With over 700 Representatives strategically placed throughout the United States, EnergyWare is uniquely positioned to reduce overall investment while maintaining best-in-breed technology along with a highly trained and motivated workforce. Although EnergyWare operates within a multi-billion-dollar industry, it delivers enterprise solutions with a localized approach.

Complete Energy Optimization

EnergyWare reduces and/or eliminates your electricity, water, and gas bill; all made possible through energy efficiency technology deployed throughout various aspects of the business.

ROI Design Mapping

Energyware will design a tailored outlook on energy savings, reduction in energy consumption, and tax incentives or local rebates before you look to make your decision on energy solutions like LED Lighting, Solar Technology, and energy-saving opportunities.

Reduce Energy Spend

With a unique approach to energy efficiency, Energyware is able to show massive savings and energy optimization before the solutions are purchased. A true customer advocate when it comes to energy efficiency.

About Energyware

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Energy Conservation can be complex.  energyware works diligently to simplify the information, the products, and the process.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality services at below-market pricing.  We are a consulting company that has proven experience in assisting customers determine the best options in financing, design, implementation, oversite, and return-on-investment accuracy.  We’re headquartered in Dallas, Texas with projects spanning from coast to coast.  We provide complete transparency without sales pressure.  We stand behind the economic and environmental benefits of our services and products.  Thank you for considering us during this process.